Our Missions

Gethsemane Baptist Church is serious about World-Wide Evangelization!  We support many missionary ministries through our "Faith Promise Missions" plan of giving.  Since 1972 our church family has given $2,674,637.00 to help support many missionaries and mission projects.  Our missions year runs from November 1st to October 31st of each year.  We continue to give our Faith Promise Mission commitments and we are presently on track as we continue our 2022-2023 missions year and antisipate that 100% of our commitments, as in past years, will be given.


The present ministries supported monthly by our church are listed below:

Gethsemane Baptist Church Mission Ministries

As of February 19, 2023


  1.  Andres, Steve            Fair Evangelism                  75.00

  2.  Antioch Press            Printing Ministry                75.00

  3.  Atlanta City Baptist     Rescue Mission                   75.00

  4.  Atlanta City Baptist     Mission Director                 75.00

  5.  BEAMS                    Bible Distribution               75.00

  6.  Bearing Precious Seed    Bible Printing                   75.00

  7.  Castellaw, Thomas        Honolulu, Hawaii USA             75.00

  8.  CLA                      Christian Law Association        75.00

  9.  First Bible              Bible Printing                   75.00

 10.  Freret, Rene'            Director, BEAMS                  75.00

 11.  Fried, Daniel            Director, Hope Of Israel         75.00

 12.  G.C.P. (Keen)            Great Company of Publishers      75.00

 13.  Hohenstreet, Lance       Prison Evangelism, R.O.A.        75.00

 14.  Hope Of Israel           Hebrew/English Bibles            75.00

 15.  Hopgood, Roger           Military Evangelism              75.00

 16.  Johnson, Allen           Representative, W.B.P.S.         75.00

 17.  Keen, Charles            Great Company of Publishers      75.00

 18.  Martin, Tim              Prison Evangelism, R.O.A.        75.00

 19.  Neal, Lance              Prison Evangelism, R.O.A.        75.00

 20.  Petty, Dennis            Evangelist, G.P.A.               75.00

 21.  Raub, Kevin              Military Ministries              75.00

 22.  Refuge Center            Crisis Pregnancy Center          75.00

 23.  R.U.                     Reformers Unanimous              75.00

 24.  Rockdale Emergency       Relief Fund                      75.00

 25.  Richburg, Bill           Representative, VBP              75.00

 26.  SeedLine South           Scripture Ministry               75.00

 27.  Shepherd, Plato          Lindsborg, KS  USA               75.00

 28.  Smith, Paul              Director, Citizen Impact         75.00

 29.  Sturgill, Terry          Director, Seed Line South        75.00

 30.  Victory Baptist Press    Bible Printing                   75.00

 31.  Weeks, David             World Cult Evangelism            75.00

 32.  W.B.P.S.                 W.B.P.S. Bible Printing          75.00

 33.  W.P.M.                   Walt Pickens Ministries          75.00

 34.  Yaws, John               Prison Evangelism, R.O.A.        75.00

 35.  Young, Ronald            Antioch Baptist Press            75.00

 Total                                                     $ 2,675.00



of the 

Gethsemane Baptist Church


Through an ongoing restructuring of our missions program, based upon revised Mission Policies,

we will no longer take on or continue to support missionaries that:


1.  Take extended or mini furloughs before the work is finished!  An extended or mini furlough is defined as leaving the work for over one month per year.  Emergency furlough needs will be examined on an individual basis.


2.  Are working as co-laborers with other missionaries in the same mission church work!  (The only exception being the time that missionaries are helping while they are in language school.)


3. Are serving with mission boards or agencies who charge administrative fees!


4.  Are raising support directly or indirectly for any other reason than for their personal monthly living needs, airfare, and shipping expenses.


5.  Do not commit to learning the language of the people to whom they have been called to reach.


6.   Are serving in a furlough relief capacity for other missionaries.


7.  Are paying the rents, notes, or utility expenses for the church meeting places for the people they are serving with.


8.  Change their ministries to something other than that which we took them on for. (They must be re-invited to present their new ministry!)


9.  Are not working to bring the church they have started or are working with to a fully autonomous position.

(That is: Self-Governing / Self-Supporting / Self-Propagating!)


10. Are not in doctrinal agreement with the positions held by this church.